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 An Intro to THUG, as well as a few rules

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PostSubject: An Intro to THUG, as well as a few rules   May 30th 2012, 23:00

This is a thread for the new members.
What exactly is Turnabout HUG?

Well, if you've been to our blog or our vlog, you may already have an idea.
THUG started as a simple thread in the Introductions section of the Court Records forums, a fansite dedicated to Ace Attorney, a videogame series about lawyers with a lot of homoerotic subtext. It started simply as a thread for a few not-well-acquainted people to meet, and chat, but quickly grew into a close-knit circle of friends. Things went well for Turnabout HUG for awhile, but then disaster struck when a certain mod deemed the thread too spammy and locked it.
This of course was a logical and fair decision, as it was a very spammy, largely pointless thread.
Nevertheless, the THUGs were horror-stricken. Quickly, our then de facto leaders, WunderbarPhalanges and SKD quickly set up a forum for ourselves to use. Things were good for awhile, but as time passed, members stopped visiting as much and several left or simply stopped appearing.
But then, a certain Ms. Ema Skye (now known as Minako) decided to change everything. She made this new forum, and it was the catalyst that rejuvenated the community into what it is today.

If you're just starting up, you can begin by introducing yourself in the Introductions area.
Also be aware of our rules:
1. Don't be mean. This is a place about love and friendship and hugs, not a place for vicious arguments and rude comments.
2. Try and remain on topic. The community is fairly laid back, but straight-up spamming won't be tolerated.
3. Most importantly, have fun!

So, welcome to THUG and I hope you have a great time!
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PostSubject: Re: An Intro to THUG, as well as a few rules   May 30th 2012, 23:14

I am an idiot and the whole thing just turned into a weird parody of the Avatar opening after "Things were good for a while."

But yeah I think this pretty much sums up THUG! Let's just all be friends and keep things classy kay~

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An Intro to THUG, as well as a few rules
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